Appreciated by Architects, Respected by Engineers

Armor Screen products offer tremendous strength while preserving the architectural integrity of your home or business.

Why Armor Screen?

Strength You Can Count On


Tested up to 195 PSF (276 MPH) Armor Screen is built to withstand the strongest storms. Our products are able to survive multiple large missile impacts without failure.

Custom Styling


A building or home should be defined by architectural features, not hurricane shutters. Our systems are designed to blend into the details, with six color choices and a variety of systems, Armor Screen has a product to suit your needs.

Easily Deployed

Preparing for a storm could be as easy as touching a button! Our lightweight, transparent systems have a variety of deployment options to choose from. Check out our different systems to see how Armor Screen can quickly protect your home or business.

The Benefits are Transparent


Time and time again, our customers that experience a storm rave about having the ability to see out during an event. They are less stressed and more comfortable because they are not “trapped in a cave”. Let Armor Screen shed some light on the hurricane protection system that is right for you.

Approved & Recognized


Miami-Dade Certified, Florida Building Code Approved and one of the only ICC 500 rated products. Armor Screen has the approvals and recognition to get you the highest discounts on your insurance.

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The Armor Screen Difference

Since 1998 Armor Screen has survived countless hurricanes, including category five, protecting people and property. Having installed over 12,000,000 square feet worldwide… why trust anything else?



Research and analysis of the destruction from Hurricane Andrew showed the need for much better protection of all structures. Armor Screen Corp. grew out of this research. A “game changing” technology was designed and engineered to protect from the potential devastation expected from future hurricanes. Even now this is the only protection system with such broad benefits, including the only system expected to be undamaged and ready to protect after going through a major hurricane, a definite benefit during the 2004 back to back hurricanes. The existing building codes did not even contemplate a product such as Armor Screen.

Armor Screen Corp effected changes to various building codes with assistance from Miami-Dade Product Control, who recognized the many advantages of the Armor Screen systems. For a short time Armor Screen was required for an insurer to accept hurricane windows. Likewise, Armor Screen may be the only product to have survived a category 5 hurricane without damage.

Always with a view to customer needs, Armor Screen Corp. continues research and development to provide the strongest, safest and most user friendly system possible. The product has advanced beyond storm protection to complete weather control, including sun protection with significant air conditioning benefits.

Armor Screen Corp. continues to have the reputation of the one to turn to for quality solutions to weather control problems. A recent example; is having saved a major golf tournament from a destructive line of thunderstorms with torrential rain. Another, is working with an engineering firm to replace reinforced concrete for a hurricane/tornado shelter. Designers of open air gathering places (restaurants and hotels, etcetera) are finding our screens to be superior in both aesthetics and functionality.

We remain Made in USA and currently deliver product to most hurricane regions of the world.