Control The Weather With The Push of a Button

What if controlling the weather in your home was as easy as pressing a button? With those hot summer months quickly approaching, why not only get that hurricane protection you've been needing but also get some comfort with it? Armor Screen is not only used for hurricane protection, but it also doubles as the perfect protection for a comfortable outdoor space which you can take advantage of all year long. With the Armor Screen roll-up system, our UV-stabilized fabric is [...]

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Start Planning for the Next Hurricane Now

With six months left until the official start of hurricane season, the time to start planning begins now. According to Tropical Storm Risk , the 2018 season will be another above average one. Warm ocean temperatures and low wind shear are expected again in 2018. The prediction by UK-experts is on par with other weather watchers who also expect above-average activity, although the conditions for tropical development might not be as big as the 2017 season. If you prepare before a [...]

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Armor Screen Featured in NY Times!

As you may know, Armor Screen was brought in to design a custom hurricane protection system for “Gone But Not Forgotten,” a $25 million gold-leafed mammoth sculpture at the Faena hotel in South Beach, Miami.   But did you know that our work on this project was featured in the New York Times? With exposure like this, Armor Screen is becoming known for quality hurricane protection not just in South Florida, but around the world. Here’s an excerpt from the [...]

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Residential Roll Up’s

Armor screen isn’t just for hurricane protection. It’s also perfect for creating a comfortable outdoor space you can enjoy year – round, despite annoyances like the weather. We know how much time and money you spend creating your outdoor patio area, with furniture that’s just right, an outdoor kitchen, and those great outdoor tv’s. But when the harsh sun, bugs, driving rain, wind, and even hurricanes strike, your perfectly crafted outdoor environment becomes unusable and all that time seems to [...]

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Top 3 Rules of Hurricane Prep

When preparing for a hurricane, there are several factors to consider: Ease of Use: There are multiple methods to securing your home against a hurricane. Some are more time and labor intensive than others. Armor Screen offers several options that are all relatively simple to deploy. Our solutions range from our Hemcord System, which can be deployed by sliding it along the pre-installed track and secured, to our Roll Up System, which can be deployed at the push of a [...]

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The True Cost of Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

If you’ve ever been in the path of a hurricane, you know the feeling of stress as the storm approaches. There’s so much to consider: water, food, safety of family and friends, gas, and more. Unfortunately in most cases, the main lasting memory of a storm is the financial loss incurred. The total damage of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey is estimated to pass $200 billion (Source: We believe much of that loss could be prevented with proper preparation. Remember [...]

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How to Keep the Debris from Messing Up Your Home during Hurricane Season

Debris is the garbage in the aftermath of a major storm – and it is often takes months to collect and dispose of which means a huge cost to property owners and government offices. Last year, Hurricane Matthew left Brevard County with 820,854 cubic yards of storm degree that took two months to clear and $12 million. According to contractors, the debris was mostly vegetation, fencing, and construction materials. […]

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Armor Screen Protects Bokampers Sports Bar and Grill

Weather in South Florida can change in an instant, making outdoor dining areas at restaurants unusable when this happens. Bokampers Sports Bar and Grill in Ft. Lauderdale has taken steps to prevent this from happening by enclosing their outdoor area with Armor Screen. Now, guests can use this space all year round, rain or shine. “Armor Screen is a game changer for us. It gives our guests protection during inclement weather and allows for their viewing pleasure on a great [...]

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Armor Screen Protects Renowned Sculpture in Miami

The Faena hotel is a luxury hotel in Miami Beach that prides itself on creating a culture of unique art for its guests to enjoy. Its Faena Forum is even one of the hosts for Art Basel, an annual showcase of world-class modern and contemporary art. What better place for Damien Hirst’s piece, “Gone But Not Forgotten,” a nine-foot tall gold-leafed mammoth sculpture to be displayed. This is an irreplaceable piece of art that sits nearly on the sand in [...]

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The Predictions of Hurricanes is Not an Exact Science

Predicting the weather has come a long way in the last 100 years. Meteorologist have more sophisticated tools available such as satellite images and Doppler radar. These tools allow the meteorologist predictions to be fairly accurate for up to a week in advance. Even with all the advances in the tools the coast still continues to sustain an abundance of damage when a hurricane comes. Hurricane predictions fall into two categories: seasonal probabilities and the tracking of a current hurricane. [...]

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