If you’ve ever been in the path of a hurricane, you know the feeling of stress as the storm approaches. There’s so much to consider: water, food, safety of family and friends, gas, and more. Unfortunately in most cases, the main lasting memory of a storm is the financial loss incurred. The total damage of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey is estimated to pass $200 billion (Source: We believe much of that loss could be prevented with proper preparation.

Remember these tips as you try to mitigate the effect of hurricanes on your wallet:

  1. Install Surge Protection: Surges of electricity are common during major storms such as hurricanes, and can severely damage the electrical devices in your home. TO protect yourself from this risk, make sure items such as computers and televisions are plugged into surge protectors, instead of being plugged directly into wall outlets.
  2. Review Your Insurance Policy: It is not uncommon for homeowners to think that certain events – such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are covered under their insurance policies, when in fact they are not. So, before the next hurricane threatens, take time to review your insurance policy and make sure you know what is covered.
  3. Remove Debris Near Your Home: In the middle of hurricane-force winds, debris such as fallen tree limbs, trash, and even other small items can become destructive projectiles. Even if you are protected by one of our Armor Screen products, these debris could be impact other unprotected areas in your neighborhood. Before a storm strikes, make sure to remove all debris from around your home, and clean out your gutters to prevent further damage caused by a blocked drain.
  4. Most Importantly – Protect Your Openings: Windows and doors are especially vulnerable during a hurricane. If one of these areas is damaged by flying projectiles, the structural integrity of your home or business becomes at risk. Therefore, it’s important to make sure they are properly protected. Armor Screen is here to help with that. Not only are all of our products Florida building code and Miami Dade approved, but they offer the best protection in the industry.


As always, contact us for a custom quote and to learn how Armor Screen can help you prepare for the next storm headed your way.


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