Top Technology To Protect You From Extreme Weather

Are you still taping your windows upon hearing of a hurricane on the way?

Like an old wives’ tale, it’s a practice that’s better in theory than reality. Officials from the National Hurricane Center have said that taping windows is not a good idea and will give you a false sense of security and offer poor hurricane protection. Unfortunately, it can also increase the danger level inside a home, since the power of a hurricane can whip through the taped window, shatter it, and cause injuries to those inside.

Suffice to say, if you’re relying on taping to give you adequate hurricane protection, you’ll be left flailing in the wind.

Instead, experts say that it would be more prudent to look into new technology in protecting your home and family members. There is ongoing research on the effects of strong hurricane winds, especially in Florida where a testing ground, the Renaissance Wall of Wind, has been erected to study Category 4 winds.

Here are some of the more popular, durable options:

Impact-Resistant Glass

Impact glass is made of 2 or 3 panes of 7/16-inch thickness. The inner layer is made of polyvinyl butaryl and a vinyl or aluminum frame is used. The exact thickness will depend on the manufacturer. If an impact-resistant window is hit by debris during a hurricane, it will not shatter into pieces. It will only crack but remain intact unless hit again and again at the same force or stronger. This benefit alone makes it a much better option than taping regular windows for hurricane protection.

Hurricane Shutters

One of the simplest modern inventions that do not cost much to buy and install are hurricane shutters. These fabric shutters, unlike the traditional window storm shutters, are made of light, see-thru, 100% UV resistant fabric, and can completely block wind and rain. They are simple to install, store, and maintain. It’s hard to beat the protection, the versatility, and the design.

Protecting Your Roof

Roof straps became part of the building code for homes prone to hurricanes that connect the roof of a house to a concrete slab in the basement. Old homes can be retrofitted using new technology to be hurricane resistant with reinforced gabled roofs, roof straps, and secondary water barriers.

One of the studies being done is called the “green roofs”, which are vegetative roofs which can reduce water runoff by as much as 75% but needs further study on wind uplift protocols as it may not survive the strong winds.

Other new technology include products like one that will stop water intrusion with an inside shade system that has been approved by the Florida Building Code. This system will stop airborne debris, wind, and rain from entering your home during a hurricane.

If you have plans to buy and install any of these new technologies in your home or office building, do make sure to buy the original patented products like the fabric shutters to avoid being disappointed with the results.

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