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“During Hurricane Charley, I sat out on the patio, watched the wind and rain rage around us as our pool enclosure joined the flying debris.”
Home owner Barton Childs. Punta Gorda, Florida
“I, along with 8 others, rode out Hurricane Ivan at the McCollough Institute…Armor Screen worked marvelously…I would feel comfortable anywhere these were being used. I was genuinely surprised with their durability. I would not only purchase them for my home, but would recommend them to my friends as well.”
McCollough Institute Executive Assistant, Dawn Cahoon. Gulf Shores, Alabama
“We have been using Armor Screen on our houses for over four years-before the current building code. Armor Screen has fulfilled a need particularly on the rear porches where we often have three sets of sliders and butted glass windows. Although our customers often elect impact glass windows on part of the house, most elect Armor Screen on the rear porches because of the cost savings.”
Signature Quality Homes, Inc. President, Anita Cragg. Melbourne Beach, Florida
“The eye went right over us at the Emergency Command Center. Armor Screen sure did its job and we have not had one complaint.”
Orange County Fire Rescue, Maintenance/Construction Coordinator, Daryl McCarthy. Orlando, Florida
“Armor Screen is wonderful. Not only did it protect us during Frances and Jeanne, but we put Armor Screen around three sides of a porch as a very comfortable smoking room in our assisted living facility.”
Villa Madonna (run by the Catholic Diocese) Manager, Rosemary McMahon. West Palm Beach, Florida
“During Hurricane Frances, we sat on our porch behind Armor Screen as an embedded tornado picked up our pool enclosure and wrapped it around a neighbor’s tree.”
Home owner, Mr. & Mrs. Sigler. Boca Raton, Florida
“We left all front and back overhead doors open. Armor Screen kept out wind, rain and debris, but allowed a slight breeze to make it very comfortable.”
Station 66, Shift “A” Commander, Lieutenant Mark Ratta. Lake Barton, Florida
“We had no water damage through the doors protected by Armor Screen. Armor Screen deployed quickly and on short notice after Charley turned. They came down as quickly the next morning and stored easily.”
Shadow Wood Country Club, Manager, Amil Giulio. Bonita Springs, Florida
“Armor Screen is the ideal solution for car dealerships.”
Auto Haus Mercedes Facilities Director, Scott Nielsen. Pompano, Florida
“I may have the only house in the development with no water damage after suffering the eyewall of both Frances and Jeanne.”
Homeowner, Diana Cullity. West Palm Beach, Florida
“Armor Screen worked amazing well for our many Hillsborough public shelters.”
Kalemeris Construction, Owner, Celeste Kalemeris. Tampa, Florida
“Armor Screen protected our glass overhead doors, yet allowed us to get our trucks out immediately.”
Volusia Station 74 Shift “C” Commander, Lieutenant Rafael DelValle. Port Orange, Florida
“I actually enjoyed sitting on my lanai watching the storm rage around me, and my pool screen structure collapsed onto the Armor Screen without further damage.”
Homeowner, Mark Miller. Bonita Springs, Florida
“We were sitting behind the screens in a gazebo sipping wine and smoking cigars while gutters and palm branches were flying all around.”
Homeowners, Patty and Ed Morse. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
“It was incredible!!! This stuff really works. It protected my whole patio and furniture.”
Rothstein, Rosenfeldt, Dolin & Pancier Attorney, Scott Rothstein P.A. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
“This is the most fantastic product I have ever seen. I am recommending it to all my friends and associates.”
Fort Lauderdale Air & Sea Show Executive Producer, Mickey Markoff. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
“Looking back, we really think Armor Screen tremendously helped us mentally get through this hurricane-ridden summer.”
Homeowners, Paul R. Nugnes & Deborah Lindsay. Indialantic, Florida