Window and Door ScreensAre you ready to replace your screens with Armor Screen? Don’t toss your old screens in the trash. There are many creative ways you can reinvent the screen for use around the house.  Let us show you how:

Do you have a home garden?

Use the old screens to protect your newly planted herbs and fruit trees from insects and bugs. You can also do the same for newly seeded grass. The screen will keep the birds from eating the seeds. You can remove the screen once the grass blades start sprouting.

If you want to have an herb box, your old screen can be used as part of the box frame. Instead of an all-wood or using a plastic box to hold the herb plants, you can use the screen to form the walls of the herb box properly supported on the corners by something solid.  You can also use the screen to dry the herbs after picking them and before you use them.

Are you a DIY home owner?

The screen can be used as a sieve when you need to mix powdered grout to remove the lumps or to filter leftover paint to remove any debris, hair, or other items. You can also use the screen to remove dry paint from your hands.

Instead of a store bought screen for your kitchen sink drain, make your own with your old screen. You can keep replacing the screen anytime you want. You can also cover some open spots or cracks to prevent cockroaches, mice, or other small pests from entering your home.

Are you a hobbyist or into arts and crafts?

Old screens are all over Instagram accounts of artists who have done amazing things with these throwaways. In fact, by giving the screen a good rub and scrub, they can become part of an art project like a wall décor or for reupholstering furniture. You can also learn how to paint on the mesh and sell your paintings in your next yard sale or online.

Donate the screens

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, or Goodwill might welcome old screens provided they are still in good condition. It’s a great way to help others without spending. On the other hand, you can also sell the screen to a recycler, if you are so inclined to get a little money for your old screens.

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