Why Patented Hurricane Shutters Can Save Your Life

Even so-called hurricane tape is not good enough if you want to reduce the stress and anxiety you experience with every hurricane. The fact is hurricane protection should be planned and budgeted as part of your property maintenance.

For most people, a house is the main investment they make in their lives, and so protecting this from strong winds and rain is part and parcel of taking care of one’s investment and increasing the value of the property. It can be one of the best things you do for your home and for the safety of your family.

Some might just figure that insurance will cover damage and what’s the point of protecting the property. Really, that’s looking at hurricanes and natural calamities from a defeatist point of view. Aside from having insurance, which is important, being prepared is just as critical.

There are a few reasons why you should create a hurricane-strong home:

  • It will not disrupt your lives
  • It will not cost you unexpectedly in terms of repairs and inconvenience
  • It will improve your reputation in the community as someone to look to as an expert in hurricane protection
  • It can improve the safety of your family
  • It will give you much more peace of mind should a storm arrive – insurance isn’t a tangible thing to protect you when winds are whipping through.

Patented hurricane shutters – Affordable and Value for Money

If you could protect your windows and doors, wouldn’t you want to try it? Replacement windows and doors will cost a pretty penny whether they are impact glass or not. A front door can cost thousands of dollars in Home Depot, most definitely nothing below $600. If you invest in hurricane shutters that are custom-made to fit your windows and doors exactly, you invest in a hurricane solution that will last for years. These fabric shutters will keep the wind and rain from battering on your windows and doors and save you a lot of money in the next 20 years.

According to a recent June report from CNN News, during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, a Category 2 storm cost $50 billion in preliminary damages with 72 deaths in the country. In the same year, Hurricane Isaac, a Category 1 storm, cost residents in Mississippi and Louisiana an estimated $2.35 billion in damages with 5 deaths. The Atlantic hurricane season, which started last June and will end in November, has already had 3 major storms: Hurricane Arthur, Hurricane Bertha, and Tropical Storm Cristobal.

An estimated 83 million Americans are threatened every year by storms and hurricanes because they live in coastal states from North Carolina to Texas. Although it has been over 8 years since the last Category 3, the weather patterns in the past few years have been nothing short of erratic. It’s very hard to predict when the next big hurricane will come so being prepared is the only logical solution to protection you and your family from danger. After all, it takes just one hurricane to wreck havoc on your lives. Be prepared, and take control of your property.

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