Hurricane-Preparation-TipsThere is a lot that goes into preparing for a hurricane, while at the same time having to deal with all of the anxieties that may come with awaiting the storm, however, preparing for a hurricane can also present an opportunity to bring families together. Here, we discuss a few ideas that your family can use to stay organized and bond when preparing for the storm.

Focus on Teamwork

One great idea is to assign every family member a role in the preparation for a hurricane, this encourages team work and responsibility. Hurricane preparation is an opportunity for the whole family to partake in, including small children, who you can assign fun responsibilities such as planning and preparing what games the family can play if the power goes out. A responsibility for teenage children can be to update the family on the status of the storm, since they are often times so well connected through social media outlets. Assigning responsibilities based on what family members are good at or are interested in, could be a good way to work together during these preparations.

Family Emergency Drills

It is important for every family member to know what to do in case of a power outage or a situation where evacuation is necessary. In case there is a need to evacuate, it is a good idea to prepare overnight bags and have a plan on how to exit the home, plus know where the nearest shelters are. In order to be aware and prepared, a good idea would be to have one or two drills in a way that is organized, but still fun, as to not alarm everyone. Holding drills and preparing to evacuate is also an opportunity to assign responsibilities and emphasize teamwork.

A Power Outage as a Bonding Experience

Hurricane-Preparation-Tips2During a power outage, while there isn’t access to television or internet, families will be spending time together, without the usual interruptions. This can be a great opportunity to do things together as a family, especially in a time of crisis. A great idea is to have family members all participate in food preparation and to sit down and eat together. After eating, playing board games is always an option to bond and have fun doing so.

These are just a few ideas your family can use to be prepared and bond before and during the hurricane. For information on hurricane protection, you are welcome to contact Armor Screen.

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