floridian-hurricane-beach-homes-1920Florida has had more than 40 major hurricanes even though it has been relatively peaceful and uneventful except for Hurricane Matthew this 2016. This year’s hurricane appears to be a wake-up call that this level of calamity can happen without warning and in terrifying intensity.

As part of our risk management assistance, we have put together pertinent hurricane facts that we feel every Floridian should know. This will help in preparedness and possible insurance claims should any damage happen. After it, the state only needs one major storm to cause devastation and immense destruction.

The geography of Florida is such that it is vulnerable to hurricanes because of wind shifts and temperature adjustments of the ocean – especially in the month of October.  Aside from the immediate effects of a hurricane, the long term effects are difficult to erase. For example Hurricane Wilma which happened in 2005 affected many people so much that they are still feeling raw about the trauma. And that was a Category 3 storm unlike Hurricane Matthew last October which was a Category 5 storm.

According to NASA, Hurricane Matthew dropped more than 20 inches of rain causing flash flooding.  Structures that did not have reinforced protection were damaged.

Insurance companies have the financial capability to pay claims on damages caused by hurricanes including Hurricane Matthew. The claims are filed under different categories: auto, life, house. Unfortunately, flooding is not covered by the standard home insurance policy. It is also unfortunate that Florida homes are tagged with higher home insurance rates than any other state. In the 2016 summary of home insurance rates by, Florida’s average monthly home insurance premium is $165.91 and the state that comes closest to it is Louisiana at $143.51.

By taking steps to reinforce your home, you can bring down insurance rates by a considerable margin. Preppers – or people who like to prepare ahead of a potential catastrophe – have an advantage.

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