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Need the strength of a top of the line hurricane shutter for a fraction of the cost? Try our Grommet System! Strength made Affordable. Our Grommet System is based on traditional hurricane shutter anchoring systems, mostly quarter inch anchors spaced at 6” or 12” on center. Anchors are installed on two opposing sides of the opening (top/bottom or left/right). The screen has grommets spaced to match the anchors. The grommets are lined up with the anchor point and secured with a wing-nut or stainless steel sidewalk bolt.
Our Grommet System is perfect for windows, doors and more. Having a span of just over twelve feet, the Grommet System can tackle many different openings of various shapes. Armor Screen offers a variety of anchoring options: male anchors, female anchors and F-track. The Grommet System is also great for general weather control: wind, rain or solar.
Armor Screen Corporation pioneered the fabric hurricane protection revolution. Since our products hit the market in 1998 no other company has installed more hurricane screens in more places worldwide. Our dealer network extends along the Gulf Coast, the entire Eastern seaboard and many locations internationally. The Armor Screen product line is the most versatile and custom hurricane protection offered on the market. Don’t hesitate, call now to discuss your specific protection needs!
Standard Features:

  • Industry Leading U.V. Stabilized Fabric for All Colors
  • U.V. Stabilized Thread
  • Fabric Colors: Black, White, Cream, Beige, Gray & Sand
  • Transparent, Lightweight & Unbelievably Strong
  • Miami-Dade County & Florida Building Code Approved
  • 6”, 12” & 18” on center spacing available


  • Various F-track profiles
  • Velcro tabs to hand roll screen and secure in place
  • Custom fabric to match color when rolled up with Velcro
  • Larger diameter anchors available
  • Zippers Available for Egress
  • Stainless Steel Anchors
  • Equally spaced grommet layout available
  • Cutouts & Notches to avoid Architectural Elements
  • Rub Patch for Rough or Sharp Contact Points
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