House with storm damagePeople can escape the brutal force of a hurricane. Unfortunately, structures like your office and home can’t run away from a storm. They will always be at the mercy of the elements which is why it is imperative to strengthen it and keep it reinforced as much as possible. After all, your home and your office is a major part of your life. Having to face total destruction can be avoided with the right strategy.

According to scientists, hurricanes are today’s most powerful storm systems. One recent film, Hurricane 3D, was able to portray the power of the hurricane in IMAX theaters not too long ago. It is a story of a fictional hurricane named Lucy, but the story is based on a 5-year compilation of real hurricanes.

All hurricanes, like fictional Lucy, start as a breeze and over several thousand kilometers of water slowly turn into a monsoon before becoming a major storm system. By this time, the winds have become violent, waters are rough and the rains are hammering hard. No ship can be assured of safe passage during a hurricane 1 which has sustained winds of up to 95 miles/hour, much more a hurricane 5 which has sustained winds of more than 157 miles/hour.

Based on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scales, a typical Hurricane 1 level will cause “some damages” from dangerous winds. The common damages to well-constructed houses are to sidings, gutters, roof, and shingles. However, it is also at risk for glass damage because of tree branches or from snapping power lines.

The damage can quickly get out of hand with a hurricane 5 level.  This is the most severe level with total damage to the roof and walls to the point of being uninhabitable for months.  Will hurricane screens help?

Yes, to a large extent. Hurricane screens are tested to withstand powerful winds and rains and can hold up against flying debris.  Walls collapse because they are weakened by its support and one of the vulnerable spots in a wall is any opening like a window or door.

This 2017, AccuWeather predicts that there will be fewer hurricanes overall because of El Nino. However, they still estimate about ten storms with three major hurricanes and two weaker hurricanes. The occurrence of at least one hurricane 5 or high impact storm like the 2016 Matthew is almost a certainty, they add.

It’s time to install hurricane screens and protect one of your most valuable assets: your property.


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