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Case Study – MIA

Miami Internation Airport  Miami, FL

Visited by thousands of travelers daily, MIA is one of the busiest airports in the world. During a recent construction project MIA added a sophisticated people mover system. This system connects several parts of the airport via electric train.

Two issues arose during construction: 1) the train entrances to the platform needed hurricane protection. 2) the area used to wash the train cars was allowing overspray onto vehicles in the rental area and guest area.

Since Armor Screen is the most versatile, custom protection system available these issues were no problem. Having the ability to space anchors at two foot on center, we were able to shape the screen to fit the opening precisely, avoiding high powered electrical lines, train rails and other equipment.

The train wash platform was a perfect fit for our roll-up system. When a train pulls into the wash station the screens are rolled down to catch any overspray from the power washers. Once the train is clean the screens retract up into their housings.

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