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Case Study – Marriot Vacation Club

Singer Island, FL

Beach front property is prime real estate in South Florida. Although the view is beautiful, sometimes the weather is not. A pleasant ocean breeze can quickly turn into an annoying wind without much warning.

The Marriott spent much time and effort in building a nice full service café for guests to enjoy poolside at their beach front resort. However, strong seasonal winds were hindering the success of the café. Guests were uncomfortable and the wind was just not tolerable.

The Marriott was already familiar with Armor Screen as they purchased our hurricane screens previously. They asked if we could do anything to control wind on a daily basis, not just hurricanes. We assessed their situation and came up with a strategic wind control layout. The installation included removable posts with Armor Screen material that effectively eliminated wind, but was transparent. The system had overlapping areas that off-set which allowed full access to the café. The transparency was critical to maintain the poolside feel of an open air beach front café. Once the system was installed the café experienced much more customer traffic. Call Armor Screen to see how we can provide general weather control for wind, rain, solar or even snow!