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The Buckle & Strap System has no equal in the hurricane protection market. This system was the first of its kind and spawned an entire industry. Even though it was introduced in 1998, it still leads the industry in strength, size and versatility. Anchors are installed on two opposing sides (typically top & bottom or left and right) of the opening. The screen attaches to these anchors via fixed loops on one side and buckles with straps on the opposite side. Typically carriage bolts or eyebolts are used to secure the screen to the anchor points. The loop side is attached first and then the opposing side with buckles and straps are secured.
This system lends itself well to almost any opening. Buckle and Strap Systems have been installed all over the world on single family homes, multi-family structures, military bases, fire stations, police stations, hospitals, airports, hotel chains, banks, historic buildings and many more. While able to cover a typical window with ease, the Buckle and Strap System can protect openings up twenty four feet in span and unlimited in non-span. For larger applications contact Armor Screen for a site specific evaluation.
Armor Screen Corporation pioneered the fabric hurricane protection revolution. Since our products hit the market in 1998 no other company has installed more hurricane screens in more places worldwide. Our dealer network extends along the Gulf Coast, the entire Eastern seaboard and many locations internationally. The Armor Screen product line is the most versatile and custom hurricane protection offered on the market. Don’t hesitate, call now to discuss your specific protection needs!
Standard Features:

  • Industry Leading U.V. Stabilized Fabric for All Colors
  • U.V. Stabilized Thread
  • Fabric Colors: Black, White, Cream, Beige, Gray & Sand
  • Transparent, Lightweight & Unbelievably Strong
  • Miami-Dade County & Florida Building Code Approved


  • Keyhole Clip System for Fast Deployment
  • Airbag System for Glass Separation
  • Paver Earth Anchor System (Ideal for Pavers on Sand; No Concrete Required!)
  • Zippers Available for Egress
  • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Anchors
  • Cutouts & Notches to avoid Architectural Elements
  • Rub Patch for Rough or Sharp Contact Points
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