Faena Golden MamothThe Faena hotel is a luxury hotel in Miami Beach that prides itself on creating a culture of unique art for its guests to enjoy. Its Faena Forum is even one of the hosts for Art Basel, an annual showcase of world-class modern and contemporary art. What better place for Damien Hirst’s piece, “Gone But Not Forgotten,” a nine-foot tall gold-leafed mammoth sculpture to be displayed.

This is an irreplaceable piece of art that sits nearly on the sand in South Beach. Due to its location, the sculpture is vulnerable to inclement weather, including hurricanes. Because of the value and type of structure, a special solution was needed to protect it. That’s where Armor Screen came in.

We were brought in to design a custom protection system that could be deployed at a moment’s notice. Our design team created a structure to envelop the sculpture and protect it from the elements. Check out the video to see how this was done. And, if you have a business, residence, or priceless work of art to protect, call us at 877-237-2337 or fill out a form  to learn about a custom solution that’s perfect for you.

Gone But Not Forgotten – Gold Mammoth (Armor Screen) from Armor Screen on Vimeo.

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