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Freedom of Design for Architects

  • Impact resistant doors and windows are BULKY, COSTLY, they BREAK, they LEAK and they DETERIORATE! Offer your clients the absolute best. Provide high quality wind-rated doors and windows then protect them with Armor Screen!
  • Easy integration into new construction or retro-fit for existing structures.
  • Skylights, Sculptures, Historical Structures, Glass Structures, Barns, Extremely Large Openings, Terra Cotta, Hollow Block and Earth are examples of tough applications that can easily be protected with Armor Screen.
  • Unique earth anchoring system eliminates the need for pouring concrete footers.
  • Check out our product line and find the solution your project needs.

Case Studies

Bokampers Bar& Grill

Marriot Vacation Club

Miami International Airport

Williams Island

Sculptures and Artwork

Unbelievably Discrete, Incredibly Strong

  • Armor Screen products are built to withstand the strongest storms while integrating seamlessly into the architectural design.
  • Laboratory tested to 195psf (approximately 276 mph wind speed), real world tested in Category Five hurricane.
  • Reduces wind speed by 97%; 150mph winds are reduced to 4.5mph!
  • Our latest generation of fabric is 20% stronger to withstand repeated impacts without failure. Click here for demonstration.
  • Impacted with Five times the force of the standard Miami-Dade Large Missile Impact Test.
  • Miami-Dade Product Control Approved.
  • Florida Building Code Approved.